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Even with the best commercial intentions and seemingly water-tight agreements, disputes over contracts are an inevitable part of business life. If handled badly, disagreements over the terms of a commercial contract can cause irreparable damage to customer/supplier goodwill, not to mention the funds and management time they can drain from a business.

Our Litigation Team will take the time to understand the commercial environment in which your business operates, as well as the details of the dispute in hand. Our priority is to limit any further risks, costs and disruption as far as possible, while working to resolve the dispute.

Court action is not always desirable – particularly where you want to preserve a valuable commercial relationship. Wherever possible, we use our experience in negotiation and mediation to resolve disputes without having to resort to the Courts. Nevertheless, if a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, we will skilfully guide and assist you throughout the litigation process, either issuing or defending a claim by taking inter-alia following actions-

1. Suit action and Defense for specific performance of contract
2. Suit action and defense for preventive injunction
3. Suit action and defense for mandatory injunction
4. Suit action and Defense for damages for breach of contract 5. Action and                defense for temporary injunction