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Computer technology is evolving rapidly every day. Can your legal defense keep up?

Our Lawyer Mr. Vikas Rathi is seized with the best abilities to tackle the Practical aspects of cyber crime apart from holding Cuber Law and Information Technology Dipoma 

For the most effective defense of crimes involving computer fraud, unauthorized access, cyber bullying or abuse of digital data and private information, connect with a defense firm that places importance on keeping up with today's technology, and the defenses that can arise from it.

We deal in the matters regarding - 

Computer criminal activity; Computer-related theft 

Wrongful access, disclosure of information 
Obtaining, copying, accessing program, software 
Illegal Use of Credit Cards on the Internet 
Definitions relative to scanning devices, reencoders; criminal use, degree of crime 
Endangering welfare of children (child pornography)


Computer Espionage
Obtaining Information by Unauthorized Computer Access 
Trespassing in Government Cyberspace 
Computer Fraud 
Causing Computer Damage 
Trafficking in Computer Access 

Data Breach Litigation