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We conduct the verification exercise of various Acts and Regulations which are either Central Acts or State Acts and are related to either Labour or Finance, or Economic, or are of pure technical in nature for the due diligence of our Corporate clients. Few Acts are Central Acts with State regulations.

Some of the labour and related administrative laws as well as Economic Legislations are :

Factories Act (Act 63 of) 1948
Workmen Compensation Act (Act 08 of) 1923
Minimum Wages Act (Act 11 of) 1948
Payment of Wages Act (Act 04 of) 1936
Industrial Disputes Act (Act 14 of) 1947
Payment of Gratuity Act (Act 39 of) 1972
Payment of Bonus Act (Act 23 of) 1971
Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act (Act 19 of) 1952
Employees State Insurance Act (Act 34 of) 1948
Building and other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of service) Act (Act 27 of) 1996
Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Cess Act (Act 28 of) 1996