The Most crucial observation in our last 40 years services is that  No client would ever want to visit different Lawyers for different legal issues as not only it does consume a lot of time but also it lacks coherence in the legal approach as in most of the cases the fine coordination is required for success in the matter and all legal services at one place become cost-effective . 

In view of this, we aspire to provide all legal solutions at Lex Maven be it all legal issues relating to your business, or legal disputes relating to your marital relations or relating to properties. You need not worry about briefing different lawyers at different places and struggling to achieve proper coordination because we have seen that lack of coordination leads to inconsistent pleadings which ultimately become fatal to all the cases. 

We provide a cost-effective strategy in all kinds of matters and at various courts and tribunals with ease. We deal in petitions and appeals before the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, District Courts, Family Courts, Labour Courts, Consumer Courts and other tribunals established under special Acts.    

Our area of expertise includes Money Recovery Litigation which broadly involves the prosecution of or defense in, Insolvency Proceedings under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Civil Suits for money recovery, Cheque bounce matters u/s 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act. 

We also deal daftly in Intellectual Property Disputes which involves the protection of your copyright, trademark, design, patents, etc. and for the prosecution of those who infringe your rights in intellectual properties like the passing off actions, injunctions, claiming damages, etc.

We also Tactfully Deal in Contractual and Business Disputes wherein your rights enshrined in the agreement are required to be protected and the best care is taken of enforcement of all terms and conditions of the agreement in its true spirit.  

The growing numbers of Consumer Cases always felt worrisome and to some extent frustrating as they are unforeseen and unpredictable and adds unnecessary cost to the business. Whether you are Goods Supplier to end-user or service provider, there are always some consumers who are not satisfied with goods or services and they tend to approach consumer forums for redressal of their grievances and many cases there are no genuine deficiency in services and no real defects in Goods and if such consumer matters are not seriously tackled then it would unnecessarily and unexpectedly add to cost of the business. We aspire to provide very cost-effective services to sort out this litigation. 

Recently the Labour Disputes are in surge due to higher expectations of employees, economic downturns and whatever is the reason labour disputes have to be dealt swiftly and tactfully so that it may not spread like fire in the forest as loosing one labour case by an employer gives rise to multiple cases of same nature promising similar results.  We have deloped expertise in dealing with the Labour disputes and matters relating to the employer-employee relationship. 

Criminal cases are invariably filed and FIR is lodged just to settle the old scores or to create pressure for amicable settlement in the civil Disputes or Criminal cases are often politically motivated  and such criminal Cases assumer the character of offences  of Cheating, Forgery, Criminal Breach of Trust and Criminal misappropriation of the Properties under Indian Penal code, Prevention of Corruption Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999 (FEMA), Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA),  Foreign Exchange Regulation Act ( FERA) of 1973, Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954, Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, Seeds Act, 1966, Cheque bounce cases U/s. 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881,  Information Technology Act, 2000, the Customs Act, 1962  Etc.  

Our Core Practice area also includes prosecution and defense in disputes relating to Divorce and Child Custody Disputes which if not dealt with daftly then they may blow out of proportion and they may affect your business and professional life also. the broad category of cases includes Divorce Cases, Child Custody matters, Maintenance (Alimony) Matters, Complaints under the Domestic Violence Act, Criminal Cases U/s. 498-A of Indian Penal Code and Dowry Prohibition Act, demanding of Stridhan Etc.  

Given the concept of Singular Family, the rising cost of living, surging property prices, difference of ambitions, the property disputes are likely to arise in one form or other between family members which give rise to litigations of Inheritance and Succession under Indian Succession Act, Hindu Succession Act, Probate proceedings Etc.   

The rising prices of the properties lead to Real Estate Disputes such as backing off the agreement to sell, Mortgage Etc. for which the remedy of Civil Suit for Specific Performance of the contract, Suit for declaration of title, possession, injunction have to be adopted for enforcing the sale of the property, Suits relating to Lease and eviction.

The Fundamental and Constitutional rights of the Citizens seem to be violated frequently by state action and the people have to resort to Extra-ordinary Jurisdictions of Supreme Court and High Courts for writs to protect their rights. We are also concerned about the  growing instances of violations which have led us to represent our clients in the Supreme Court,  and High Courts  in Writ Petitions  and the disputes broadly include illegal detentions, discrimination in tender matters, Frequent transfers in Service Carrier, Enforcement of Public duties of the public servants, Educational matters, Demolition matters Etc.      

Our Non- Litigation practice includes Drafting of business agreements, Issuance of Legal Notice for demanding the discharge of obligations, Title Due Diligence of properties, compliance Due diligence, Legal compliance for setting up of business units.   

The aforesaid areas of the practices are not exhaustive in nature but changing socio-economic scenarios and new challenges constantly keep us on toes to update ourselves in incorporating new areas of services so that we may save time, energy and money of the clients. 



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